Access Emergency Dental Care is the number one choice for emergency dental care in Las Vegas, serving the Greater Las Vegas Area with dental emergency help for over 19 years. As an emergency dental service, we have helped thousands of people in Las Vegas needing urgent dental care. Our Emergency Dentist in Las Vegas and caring staff provide services for many of the Casinos in the Las Vegas Valley with same day services available 7 days a week including weekends and holidays when many offices are closed, so when you need an emergency dentist in Las Vegas call us first!

The Las Vegas Emergency Dentists at Access Emergency Dental Care provide an environment that is comfortable and relaxing and that allows us to concentrate on treating patients one at a time without crowded waiting rooms. We can also help with any general dentistry and cosmetic dental service that may be required, including denture repair, Porcelain Crowns, Root Canals, and White Fillings. So whether it's New Years, Thanksgiving, or just another weekend, call the Las Vegas Emergency Dentist at Access Emergency Dental Care when you need dental help.

The information provided at this website is for personal use only, every attempt was made to make the information simple enough for the average person to understand. It was developed by dental professionals and contains information that may provide help with the most common dental emergency from a toothache to a lost crown. We believe it to be one of the most, if not the most comprehensive site of its kind. However, It is not intended to replace a dental examination and treatment by a qualified dental professional. As with any dental emergency a dentist should be contacted as soon as possible. 

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Tooth Decay and Periapical Abcess

Periodontal Disease and Periodontal Abcess

Mobile (loose) Tooth

Gingivitis / Sore Inflammed Gums

Evulsed Tooth (knocked out tooth)

Fracture of a Tooth

Broken Denture

Lost Filling or Crown