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Unlike a toothache Periodontal Disease is usually painless in its early stages. It begins as an inflammation of the tissue round the neck of the tooth commonly referred to as Gingivitis and becomes Periodontitis as the supporting structure is destroyed. Most patients requiring emergency treatment are in the acute phase of Periodontal Disease.

1. A periodontal abcess is characterized by swelling of the gums adjacent to a tooth or teeth.

2. The painful swollen area often arises overnight.

3. In the early stages, the pain is a continuous throbbing and burning sensation.

4. Usually does not prevent sleeping or eating.

5. The adjacent tooth is usually not sensitive to touch, but mobility may be present.

6. Generally there is no lymph node involvement or swelling under the chin.

7. In the latter stages there is reduction of size, pain and often there is a nasty taste in the mouth as the abcess drains (usually around the neck of the tooth). However, the feeling of discomfort may remain.

8. They tend to be recurrent when left untreated.

Note: A periodontal abcess must be differentiated from a tooth abcess (periapical abcess). In a periapical abcess, there is often severe pain, sensitivity to percussion, no nasty taste in the mouth, there may be loss of sleeping and eating, lymph node involvement, fever, and swelling in the area under the tooth.

Temporary Treatments for Periodontal Abcess

The best way to get temporary relief from a periodontal abcess is through antibiotic therapy, and pain relieving medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. This can generally be accomplished by seeing an emergency dentist, or going to an emergency medical facility. Generally it takes between 24-48 hours for antibiotics to take affect. While it is beyond the scope of this website to mention permanent treatment entities, periodontal treatment should be iniated immediately to prevent recurrent episodes, in some case tooth extraction
may be indicated.